“Azteserrufat” Limited Liability Company was based on November 29, 2016. In 2022, a raw cotton processing plant with a daily production capacity of 200 tons was built and put into use in the territory of Kizilagac village, Salyan. Cotton fiber (mahlij), cotton seed and mohair are produced from the processing of raw cotton. The latest model raw cotton processing equipment produced by Turkey was installed at our factory. The annual capacity of our factory is 35,000-40,000 tons of raw cotton. During this producing year, 7,000 hectares of it has already been planted. There were created cotton adoption points in Sabirabad, Bilasuvar, Neftchala, Barda and Imishli regions in order to supply the cultivated raw cotton. Our goal is to collect and deliver produced product in time. Technical sorghum, is a finished product, which is sold to foreign countries (Turkey, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, etc.) and according to the demand of farmers in domestic markets. Our goal is to increase raw cotton production and build a processing plant in our other locations. Besides it, expanding our enterprise and providing employment to the population in the regions.

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